Bharat Dairy -Indo Swiss Project India Pvt Ltd

  • Giving correct guidelines
  • Providing reliable project reports
  • Assisting for availing subsidies from government
  • Deciding the area and design of dairy farm at par with number of cows
  • Setting up Cow sheds and installing of machineries, depending the number of cows in a dairy farm
  • Breed selection for dairy farm ( Eg; Holstein Friesian, Jersey, Swiss Brown & etc.) and procurement of highly quality cows with a capacity to yield 35 to 50 liters of milk per day
  • Fodder management
  • Supply of medicine and Fodder
  • Best breeding management for dairy farming through artificial insemination using best available quality of imported semen in order to breed the best calf in your own farm
  • Providing training in the areas of Animal management, veterinary first aid and farm management
  • Supply of good quality of Cattle feeds and medicine at your door steps for affordable price



To breed the calf having high productivity of milk in one’s own farm through excellent breading management by providing best training for farmers, imported semen to cows for artificial insemination and total and complete milk replacing food to calves for generating high profit for farmers along with providing consultancy for making high tech farms by inculcating automated techniques.




Making our state and our country self-sustained in production of milk and related products transforming farmers into high tech professionals in the field of cow farming.