Developing a dairy farm project

• Designing the farm layout ensuring all elements of freedom of pasture for cows
• Structural drawings for sanction and construction
• Set out the farm to commence construction.
• Supervision of farm construction

• Breed Selection & assistance to purchase productive cows
• Nutrition planning and advise on TMR ( Total Mix Ration)
• One calf a year management protocol training
• Setting up and training in usage of machines in the farm
• Assistance in selection of staff for farming
• Selection of farm staff and training the staff to implement management protocols in the farm.
• Training on hygienic milking practices
• Assistance in implementing wellness protocols to ensure health management in cows and stress free calving.
• Providing software to track daily farm action plan and cow breeding cycles.

This is the planning phase of a dairy farm project. From our 16 year experience in dairy farming and working experience with other dairy farmers and entrepreneurs, we help those who are entering to dairy farming business on developing a dairy farm project. In this we discuss on the dairy farming in India, starting a dairy farm business, benefits of dairy farm, project report for dairy farm, cost to build a dairy farm, construction of a dairy farm, selection of milking machines and equipments, dung management equipments like dung scrappers, dung de watering machines, bio gas plant bio gas power generation, feeding fundamentals, fodder planning, silage, feed managing equipments like fodder harvester, chaff cutter, TMR wagon, cow selection parameters, cow purchase, cow quarantine, different protocol management, disease and risk managements etc.