Home for cow

In this we focus on the different cow comfort parameters for happy well being of cow. The different parameters include the quality of air and light, parameters of feeding area and water, space and comfort for resting and socializing etc. From our experience in working on four states in India, we have optimized the construction parameters of dairy farm and we believe not to overload the project during construction

Though construction is a single term each type of construction has its own standards depending on the type and functionality of the project. Unlike conventional construction, dairy farm construction has standards and design parameters which affect the functionality of the farm itself. With more than 15 years of hands on experience we provide dairy consulting with some of the best practices based on geographical locations. In a time when large pasturelands and conditions are scarce our basic design revolves around 6 simple yet powerful principles of light, air, rest, space, feed and water, to be optimized as per geographic conditions. Out of these, except for feed all other parameters are directly linked to the construction requirements of a farm. These parameters follow strict scientific backing and have been time proven in some of our major constructions.

We provide turnkey construction solutions. One of the targets in dairy farming is to reduce infrastructural cost. Our rich experience provides simple yet sturdy structures at Optimum costs. Our dedicated team works on strict schedules and has a track record of completing projects well within the time schedule. Our team is exposed to working conditions in some of the remote parts of the country which itself is an experience which has sharpened our skills to plan, mobilize, innovate and improve.